Judge Rules Against Jindal in Common Core Lawsuit

Baton Rouge -- A Baton Rouge judge is ruling against the Jindal administration in the fight over Common Core standards in the state.

Judge Judge Todd Hernandez issued a writen ruling lifting a contract suspension Jindal enacted to derail the multi-state standards.

In his ruling, Hernandez said Governor Jindal caused "irreparable harm" to students and schools when he froze the testing contract for third through eighth graders.

A group of teachers and parents sued Governor Jindal after he suspended the PARCC contracts. BESE later voted to join the lawsuit.

State Superintendent of Education John White reacted to the ruling:

"Today's ruling allows teachers and students to continue raising expectations in Louisiana. It enables our state to set its aspirations high and to compete with states across the country. Our students are just as smart and capable as any in America. We've been working for four years to teach them to the highest standards anywhere. Today's ruling continues that progress. In a letter sent this evening, I have communicated to Commissioner Kristy Nichols that our state's schools will continue their five-year transition to higher expectations and have asked the Administration's cooperation in that process."

Governor Bobby Jindal’s Chief of Staff Kyle Plotkin issued the following statement today on the Common Core court ruling:

"We think this judge is wrong on the facts and the law. Hopefully, he will reconsider this preliminary ruling at the full trial. In the meantime, we will seek a stay of this ruling and an expedited writ to appeal to the First Circuit.

We want to make sure every other agency head in state government knows this judge is wrong. It’s not open season on breaking the procurement law.

If this judge’s ruling stands, it would cause chaos in state government and bring us back to the old days in Louisiana when it was ok to give no-bid contracts to your friends.

The judge took the arguments from Common Core proponents hook, line and sinker. The Superintendent and BESE President are creating hysteria about one test that is several months away.

They say this is just about standards, and not curriculum. But how could it create chaos months out before a test if it’s just about standards? What the proponents of Common

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