Dogs are Being Relocated Due to Possible Neglect

Magnolia--  Tension between Magnolia residents and the Mayor, have come about due to this video and these pictures surfacing the web.

"When it came out and they saw the horrid conditions these animals were in, it just caused uproar," says Dews.

Residents say they are appalled that the Mayor has allowed this type of treatment to these animals.

"They were found in horrible condition. Almost all of them had mange. There were many of them just being thrown in there together," says Dews.

But the mayor says he wasn’t even aware that there was an issue at the city pound.

"The Mayor doesn’t have a Facebook page. It's been years. I've been quoted as, certain dogs came in, in the shape they left, and I didn't. We bring in sick dogs. We don't know where the dogs come from that we bring in," says Vann.

He says the pound is run by one staff member who does the best he can.

"He picks up dogs. He has to feed, water, clean. We're slightly understaffed," says Vann.

There is an ordinance in the city of Magnolia that states if an animal has been in the pound for more than 5 days, it has to be euthanized.

However, the animal control officer felt that some of the pups could be adopted so he kept them here.

Unfortunately, that led to some overcrowding.

With this overcrowding issue, a group known as H&P Alliance has taken action.

"H&P Alliance rescued over 60 dogs and half of those went to a place in Tennessee called Big Fluffy Rescue," says Dews.

The Mayor says that from here the city only has one option.

"What we will do from this point on, if we cannot adopt a dog out in a timely manner, and I do mean timely, we will have to enforce the ordinance, and that's not something that I look forward to doing," says Vann.

The Mayor has issued a public apology.

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