Delta Community Survives Strong Winds

DELTA, La. -- Roofs ripped off, trees crashed onto homes, utility poles snapped; it's the aftermath of Monday's storms in the village of Delta, Louisiana.

"It's overwhelming to see all the damage that's been done," commented Andrew Guzman, a resident of a Madison Parish area near the village of about 300 people.

Area residents recounted their run-in with severe weather.

"My ears were popping," recalled Guzman. "My roof felt like it was about to come off. I tried to shut my door and the wind was so strong I couldn't even shut my door."

Guzman described what he saw as a tornado.

"I saw the tornado come across the interstate, right there," he pointed out.

Guzman's grandmother, Retha Jenkins, lives across the street from him.

"I got in the innermost part of my house which is the hall and had my dogs and my cat," said Jenkins.

She's lived here for eleven years and says she's encountered damaging winds before.

"This is my third time to have damage to my property," Jenkins mentioned.

In Jenkins' backyard, strong winds uprooted a cedar tree and peeled back her metal shed roof. Jenkins says she's just glad it wasn't worse.

"You can see the damage that was done around my house," Jenkins stated. "It could've very easily come to my house. It could've taken my house."

"You see that pecan tree right there?" her grandson, Guzman, asked. "That's an absolutely huge pecan tree and it could have... if it would have fallen on the house, that would have been all there was to it."

Wind gusts even broke billboards in half, knocking them over.

But, Tuesday's clean-up effort has brought neighbors closer as a community.

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