Dean Hart, Jr. Indicted on Eight Counts Without Bail

OUACHITA PARISH -- On Thursday, the Ouachita Parish Grand Jury heard evidence concerning the indictment involving Dean Hart, Jr.

He is charged with kidnapping and sexually assaulting his wife.

Hart, Jr. was arrested after a standoff with Monroe Police back in December 2013.

He is currently undergoing treatment at a rehabilitation facility in Baton Rouge.

After hearing from several witnesses, the Ouachita Parish Grand Jury returned an eight-count indictment against Hart, Jr. on Thursday.

The first two counts constitute Aggravated Assault Upon a Police Officer with a Firearm, stating Hart, Jr. allegedly assaulted several Monroe Police officers with a dangerous weapon on that December 30th standoff.

The third count is Unlawful Use of a Laser on a Police Officer in which, during the standoff, Hart, Jr. allegedly projected a laser on or at several police officers during the standoff.

The fourth count is Resisting an Officer with Force or Violence in which Hart, Jr. allegedly used threatening force or violence against police officers before he could be restrained and arrested.

The fifth count is Second Degree Kidnapping in which Hart, Jr. allegedly unlawfully seized and imprisoned his wife, Barbara Hart, from December 26th-30th.

The sixth count is Forcible Rape in which Hart, Jr. allegedly committed forcible rape upon his wife, Barbara Hart, between the dates of December 26th-30th, the same dates of her alleged kidnapping.

The seventh count is Domestic Abuse Battery in which Hart, Jr. allegedly committed violence against Barbara Hart during the dates of December 26th-30th.

The eighth count is Possession of Cocaine in which Hart, Jr. allegedly possessed and had control of a controlled dangerous substance during the dates of December 26th-30th.

The court, upon filing the indictments, ordered Hart, Jr. to continue to be held without bail pending his bail hearing set for April 23rd.

The District Attorney's Office stated it is not permitted to publicly comment on the facts of this case.   

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