Cyber Scams are Becoming Fequent in South Arkansas

El Dorado-- Cyber scams have steadily been increasing in El Dorado, Arkansas.

Just last week T'revah Cobb fell victim to a scam from job posting website ELDOARK.

"I saw a job posting for a personal assistant. I emailed the guy and he told me to send him my resume. I sent him my resume and he responded back through email telling me I got the job basically," says Cobb.

From there, Cobb says she was told by her employer to cash checks on the company's behalf.

"I wasn't thinking anything of it because that's my boss, and I'm his assistant. In my mind, I'm doing what my boss told me to do," says Cobb.

Cobb would cash the checks and take out her cut, which would be her pay for the week.

"I did have a bit of a hesitation, I have to admit. I took it to the bank and I said if the bank clears it, then it has to be legit, because a bank wouldn't clear an illegitimate check, and so they held it for a day and gave me the funds the next day," says Cobb.

Lieutenant Cathy Phillips, with the El Dorado Police Department, is hoping that residents are now paying closer attention to these scammers.

"Make sure you do your research. Call the Better Business Bureau. Do some checking with them to see if they've had any complaints, but don't take it at face value," says Phillips.

Cobb says this scam is a lesson learned and is now offering advice to anyone that may be unsure if they are facing a similar situation.

"I'm on Facebook, T'revah Cobb. If it seems fishy to you and you don't feel comfortable asking anyone else about it, you can message me on facebook. I will be happy to help you because I just don't want anyone else to go through this," says Cobb.

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