Crossett Residents Get One-on-One with Local Plant

Crossett-- Tonight the Arkansas Department of Environmental Quality hosted an open house.

This is part of a continuing effort to address questions from the public on operations at Georgia- Pacific LLC's Crossett plant.

Along with Georgia-Pacific, were other public operation representatives, such as the Crossett Water Company.

One of the groups that spoke with us at the open house, the Concerned Citizens for Crossett, tells us community members are having issues with their health.

They tell us these health issues are coming from pollutants that Georgia-Pacific is releasing.

They feel these pollutants have caused residents in the town to get sick.

"More smoke coming out the stack than supposed to be, especially when it's raining. The moisture in the air causes the vapors to come down and hover in the community, which is harsh to the nose and respiratory system," says Bouie.

Georgia-Pacific responded and said they are not to blame for these health issues.

"Obviously for those people that have health issues and have major health concerns, we do express our sympathy and our thoughts and prayers are with those people, but again, there is no evidence that those issues are linked to Georgia Pacific," says Walsh.

The Arkansas Department of Environmental Quality says they hope locals can take something from this event to help them better understand industry in their town. 

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