22nd Annual Mayhaw Festival in El Dorado

El Dorado--At the Mayhaw Festival, it's all about great food, great cars, and live music.

"Getting people together and other fellow hot riders showing up, and just fellowshipping, and talking about the car and stuff. It's really not just about the trophy; it's just being with good friends."

For some, it's about competing in the "Wing Ding" contest to whip up the best tasting chicken wing.

"We were unique. Our recipe was created a few years ago by yours truly, and we had the Italian lemon pepper wing. We think we stand a good chance."

Along with the historic aspect of the Mayhaw Festival, it's also an opportunity for small business owners to get exposure in the community"

For local business owners like Rachel Addie....of Aiden and Olivia's Children’s Boutique...this festival brings new customers every year.

"We have gotten probably 20 to 30 new customers just in a couple of hours. This has been huge for our business. Doing things like this can only do great things for small businesses."

After the festival wrapped up....Chairman Greg Harrison says he's pleased with the turnout.

"About 1500 people that have showed up today, many people from within town, many people from outside the city limits. It's been great. Everybody loves the atmosphere we have around here."

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