Quotes from Broncos head coach John Fox on media day

Published 01/29 2014 10:49AM

Updated 01/29 2014 11:01AM

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Denver Broncos head coach John Fox spoke on media day:

(on weather being a factor on Super Bowl Sunday) “We’re kind of weatherproof. We live in an area where we’ve had all the elements. We’ve played in single digit. We’ve played in snow. We’ve played in wind. Like both teams, you’ve got to manage the elements.”

(on how QB Peyton Manning will deal with the weather) “I think Peyton Manning wins, really, regardless. He’s won as much as most players have played the game, so we’re real confident that he’ll manage the elements just fine.”

(on dealing with injuries during the season) “I think we had players and coaches injured. I was one of them. I’m really glad I’m here.”

(on what his time with the New York Giants meant to him) “You kind of are what you’ve been around and I’ve been very blessed to be around a lot of tremendous coaches, owners, and general managers. My time with the Giants … to be with Wellington Mara and Robert Tisch to see them basically every day… George Young, Ernie Accorsi; a lot of really good football people that you learn from it, and you watch how they handle different situations. I was very blessed to spend my five years there with some outstanding people.”

(on what he thinks about Peyton Manning’s road to this year’s Super Bowl) “I think it is remarkable. A year ago, I thought might have been the most remarkable, and to miss a whole football season with four separate neck surgeries, to come to a new city at the quarterback position, which I think might be the hardest position to change teams, and have the kind of season he had a year ago, was truly remarkable. To build on that, and to have the kind of season he’s had to this point this year I think is unprecedented.”

(on how he thought defensive coordinator Jack Del Rio handled the team in his absence) “I think Jack, the staff, and the players did a great job. This team has been through a lot. They’re very calloused. We’ve lost some tremendous players along the way. They went 3-1 in the third quarter of our season, which I thought was remarkable and gave us an opportunity to finish off the fourth quarter and make the playoffs to close out the season. Like I said, the team has been through a lot and the staff and the players did a great job managing that.”

(on what the ideal temperature to play in the Super Bowl) “We get paid to adjust. We play football. We play football in a lot of different elements. We play in venues like this indoors. We play it outside in snow. You name it; we do it. So I don’t know that there is such thing that there is an ideal temperature, but we’re ready to deal with anything. I think we’re weatherproof.”

(on having to adjust practice in any way leading up to the Super Bowl) “Not really, other than there’s a lot more green (N.Y. Jets colors) around our facility than orange, with where we’re at right now. But it’s a tremendous and beautiful facility.”

(on the current state of his health) “The first thing I say is I’m 150 percent better than I was prior to my surgery. I had, I don’t know, what they called aortic stenosis, which is my valve collapsed. So I had the valve the size of a pinhead, and now it’s the size of a quarter. I feel better. I feel way healthier than I did nine, 10 weeks ago.”

(on what Super Bowl experience means to the team) “Really, there’s nothing like experience. So I think it lets us make our players aware of what to expect. The Broncos organization has been five times, so as an organization, as a coaching staff, and really as a group of players, we feel like we’re pretty well prepared.

(on what his wife meant to him as he was recovering from his surgery) “The only thing that comes to mind the most has been my wife. She was my nursemaid for four straight weeks, and she did a tremendous job managing my family, managing, really, my profession and above and beyond, managing me. She was a star in this one for sure.”

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